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Presenter: Andrew Smith

The Krome Plated Yabby show takes its title from a song the legendary Lobby Loyde wrote for the Wild Cherries in the 60’s. The title of the show not only reflects this great era in Australian music but also pays homage to the enormous contribution Lobby Loyde made to Australian music as it came into its own in the 70’s. 

“Krome Plated Yabby Show” presents the very best in Australian rock music. With its roots firmly in the 60’s and 70’s the show also showcases new original Australian music. Each week there will be an up to date gig guide to the best local musicians appearing around Melbourne.

Guests are regularly featured on the show talking about their music and playing live in the Sunbury studio on Jackson’s Hill. Past guests appearing live by phone or in the studios have included:

Mike Rudd (Spectrum / Ariel), Mick Fettes (Madder Lake), Mick Pealing (Stars / Spaniards), Ross Wilson (Daddy Cool / Mondo Rock), Reg Mombassa (Mental as Anything / Dog Trumpet), Jim Keays (Masters Apprentices), Keith Potger (Seekers), Sherry Rich (The Grapes), Jan Preston, Martin Cilia (The Atlantics / Mental As Anything), Ben Rogers, Dave Warner, Phil Manning (Chain), Gil Matthews (Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs), Liz Stringer, Van Walker, Billy Miller (The Ferrets), Ross Ryan, Glenn Shorrock (The Twilights / Axiom / Little River Band), Ken Murdoch (Taste), Ian Macausland (album cover designer), Tony Durant (Fuschia / Dave Warner), Nick Barker, Marcie Jones (Cookies), Mark Tinson (Rabbit/Heroes), Bob Starkie (Skyhooks), Charles Jenkins, Danny Robinson (Wild Cherries), Dave Tice (Buffalo), and many more.

Andrew has a passion for the great Aussie music of the 60’s & 70’s. He grew up listening to 3UZ & 3XY and watching the Go Show, GTK, Kommotion and Happening 70’s featuring great Australian bands like The Easybeats, Masters Apprentices, Zoot, The Twilights and the Valentines. By the time he could get out to see live bands he soaked up everything offered by Chain, Carson, Wild Cherries, Billy Thorpe & the Aztecs, La De Das, Band of Light, Lobby Loyde and the Coloured Balls, AC/DC and much, much more. A personal highlight was attending Sunbury ’73 & ’74 festivals when Australian music really came of age. Since then he has embraced everything Australian music has to offer. 

The “Krome Plated Yabby Show” provides Andrew with an opportunity to share his love of great Aussie Rock music. On weekends you can see Andrew playing bass around Melbourne venues in the 60’s & 70’s cover band “The Ripchords”. 

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